Get Packin’: Skincare

Part 3 of my Get Packin’ Series has arrived! It’s all about skincare today.

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USA Roadtrips of the Past: Northeast

Time for part 3 of the USA trip down memory lane! In the fall of 2013 we went back to the States, the Northeast this time. I think this post might be even longer than the one about our honeymoon, so grab a cup of tea… Again, this trip was a customized self drive booked with Thomas Cook, 3 weeks this time.

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Get Packin’: In-flight Skincare

Here it is, the second instalment of the Get Packin’ series. After fragrance it’s now time for skincare.

The first skincare bag is the one I’ll take with me on the plane. I don’t do this for short flights, but Amsterdam-Seattle is a long one. Well, long enough for some extra attention for my skin anyway.

Inflight Skin Care Bag

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Get Packin’: Fragrance

I’m getting into packing mode now that our trip is coming closer, I find it challenging to pack for a 18 night trip, especially when it comes to the beauty bits.
I don’t want to lose any expensive, limited edition, or just too darn precious items and I also don’t want to waste too much space, so I try to select products that pack easily and won’t leave me crying at the airport when the worst case scenario happens and it appears my suitcase is lost. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but you never know…

Packaging, price, type of product all are taken into consideration, quite a study going on here.

Today we’re taking on fragrance that’s travel friendly.

Travel Fragrances

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