Get Packin’: Fragrance

I’m getting into packing mode now that our trip is coming closer, I find it challenging to pack for a 18 night trip, especially when it comes to the beauty bits.
I don’t want to lose any expensive, limited edition, or just too darn precious items and I also don’t want to waste too much space, so I try to select products that pack easily and won’t leave me crying at the airport when the worst case scenario happens and it appears my suitcase is lost. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but you never know…

Packaging, price, type of product all are taken into consideration, quite a study going on here.

Today we’re taking on fragrance that’s travel friendly.

Travel Fragrances

As much as I love my Very Irresistible, My Burberry and so on, the bottles just aren’t made for travel.


Of course you could buy one of these travel bottle sets or a Travalo bottle and make your own little bottle, but I honestly can’t be bothered with the pouring and the spilling that will occur. Option number one: thanks, but no thanks.

No need to worry though, our dear fragrance manufacturers have kindly taken this into consideration and made some travel friendly versions of their hit scents.

That brings us to option number 2: Travel Spray versions of your favourite scent. Or Purse Sprays as they seem to be called for women’s fragrances. Ah, the communication nuances…

The first one I have is Chanel Chance, which I can’t find on the Ici Paris XL webshop anymore.

Chanel Chance

Too bad, I love this one and as you can tell, the refill is empty! I’m not getting rid of it though, it’s too cute.

Chanel Chance 2

It’s such an easy system: you just twist the bottle, pull out the refill and replace it.

The second purse spray I have is Gucci By Gucci Eau de Toilette, you can also get the Eau de Parfum.

Gucci By Gucci 1

This bottle is so pretty! My Rose Gold obsession is still going strong, in case you hadn’t noticed.

You get 3 extra 15 ml refills (so 4 in total) in the box.

Gucci By Gucci 2

Of course you can’t get these for all scents, but these work for many people, they’re not too heavy or out there.

I quite like “safe” options for trips, these scents work for beach holidays, city trips and for any season.

The 3rd option is just to find a fragrance that comes in a travel friendly bottle already. Emporio Armani She is a perfect example.

Once again, not the most unique scent, but one that is loved by many and suits the majority of the population.

Emporio Armani She

This one’s made for travel: it’s light yet sturdy and not much bigger than the purse sprays.

I’m quite easy when it comes to fragrance, I don’t mind only having 1 scent with me for 2 weeks, but if you do prefer having a variety to choose from…

Option number 4: samples.


Save up those samples and make a selection to take with you!

And no, my darling miniatures are not an option…

Do you have any favourite fragrances for travelling? Or have you ever had any mishaps? Oh, the thought of a bottle breaking in my suitcase…

I will follow up on this post with make up and skin care products, but I don’t know exactly when. I feel like a naughty, unorganised blogger now. Living on the edge.

Thanks for stopping by!





9 thoughts on “Get Packin’: Fragrance

  1. Great blogpost! Very useful advice! I’m always the one who doesn’t bring perfume, but the packaging of the Armani perfume looks great for travelling and I’ve heard a friend talk about its amazing scent. Might have to check it out before my trips this summer 🙂

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  3. Every brand should make those “purse perfumes”. They are just way to handy!
    The Chanel Chance edition is still available in the Ici Paris stores. My mom just picked one up 2 weeks ago 🙂

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