USA Roadtrip of the Past: Westcoast

We’ve talked about New York City, now we’re going on a two week road trip!

My husband and I got married on October 29th 2011 and we first thought of a honeymoon to some exotic and sunny location, but figured we’d much rather go to the States again. My dream trip was one to the Northeast but since our honeymoon would take place in November, we thought warm California might be a little better.

Brace yourselves, this might be a long one…

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Current Cleansers

Playing with make up is great fun, but taking it off and treating your skin to a good cleanse can be just as good. Having said that… Cleansing is not just about removing make up, it’s also important to cleanse your bare face (in the morning or when you haven’t had any make up on)! I’ve really been enjoying my current cleansing routine, so I figured I’d share it with you.

Cleansers: AM & PM

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Anastasia Beverly Hills @ Beautyqueen

As if I needed another reason to call Beautyqueen my beauty hotspot/place to be/absolute favourite shop.

They do great mani’s (OPI!), they have Zoeva (rose gold brushes!), Pixi (Glow Tonic!) and so much more, and now Delphine is adding Anastasia Beverly Hills to her impressive range! Just click the tag to see how many times I’ve mentioned Beautyqueen…

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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