Me, my blog and I

I’m a twentysomething (almost 30!) Belgian make up/skincare-lover. (Update November 2014: 30 has arrived!)
New year’s resolutions aren’t really my cup of tea, but somehow I decided to start blogging in 2014. So let’s see how this works out!

As mentioned, I’m a BBB, a Belgian Beauty Blogger, so it would make sense if I limited my posts to brands and products that are available in Belgium. Most of the time this will be the case… However, this is the World Wide Web so I will also include some products that are not (yet) available here in Belgium. And that’s also why I will blog in English, in case you were wondering.
Since travelling is one my favorite things to do, I always find some time to go shopping abroad as well, which makes it easy to also review products that aren’t available here.

But I have to admit, we’ve come a loooong way here in Belgium! Back in the day, when I started buying make up (2001-ish?), I read about all these amazing brands (MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Benefit Cosmetics,…) online but they were only available abroad. And international shipping wasn’t a big thing yet.
So when we would go to Paris for a few days I would buy some MAC products at Galeries Lafayette or Stila products at El Corte Inglès in Sevilla. I’m not someone who buys souvenirs like T-shirts or magnets, I tend to buy make up, shoes,… Might sound a little cray cray, but I love going through my make up drawer or closet and knowing during which trip and where I bought certain items.
Now we don’t only have several MAC-stores, we have one in my hometown!
Still waiting for Stila though…


Unless stated otherwise (with a *), the products mentioned on my blog are purchased by me.

Any products that are kindly sent to me for review purposes (marked with *) will undergo the same scrutinous testing as those purchased by me, so all reviews and posts on my blog are honest and not influenced by the companies providing these products. I only review products that are relevant to my blog and I, so a review is not guaranteed.

Thanks for stopping by and please, don’t hesitate to contact me:
Instagram & Twitter: @beautywandereva


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