New in Belgium: Kiko and Urban Decay

This is probably no longer real “news” to any of you but Urban Decay and Kiko are coming to Belgium! This is really exciting and since I’ve tried stuff from both brands and want to try more I figured a little post about it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Coming Soon: Urban Decay & Kiko

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Anastasia Beverly Hills @ Beautyqueen

As if I needed another reason to call Beautyqueen my beauty hotspot/place to be/absolute favourite shop.

They do great mani’s (OPI!), they have Zoeva (rose gold brushes!), Pixi (Glow Tonic!) and so much more, and now Delphine is adding Anastasia Beverly Hills to her impressive range! Just click the tag to see how many times I’ve mentioned Beautyqueen…

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Zoeva Cosmetics Rose Gold Brushes

It finally happened, I got my hands on some Zoeva Rose Gold brushes! They were on the top of my wish list ever since I saw them online and when Beautyqueen started selling Zoeva I went over there asap and got myself a brush set, unfortunately not a rose golden one… However, I was so impressed with the quality of these brushes that I now wanted the Rose Golden Beauties even more!

Zoeva Instagram

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My everyday make up

Everyday make up should be quick and foolproof.
Experimenting with make up and new products is fun, but I do that when I can really take the time to see which brush works best, how much should be applied,… And usually, that’s on weekends. So during the week, I switch on the autopilot and use products that have already proven their worth to me.

Without further ado, here are my current everyday make up products.

My Everyday Make Up

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