Get Packin’: Skincare

Part 3 of my Get Packin’ Series has arrived! It’s all about skincare today.

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London haul part 3: Superdrug and Boots

Even more drugstore purchases are coming your way today! My Zoella Beauty and Soap and Glory purchases deserved their own post, the rest of my Boots and Superdrug purchases are thrown onto a pile in this post.

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My wishlist – UK edition

My US wish list is exciting (and somewhat altered one week later…), but this one is even better! Why? Because I am actually going to London myself and what’s more fun than browsing the aisles and counters and feeling, smelling, testing everything?
London is my favorite city in the world. Paris is beautiful, New York is exciting but London makes my heart skip a beat. Just being there is good enough for me.
That being said, I won’t just be there, I will shop, eat and explore! So what’s on my second wish list? Let’s have look… Continue reading