Get Packin’: In-flight Skincare

Here it is, the second instalment of the Get Packin’ series. After fragrance it’s now time for skincare.

The first skincare bag is the one I’ll take with me on the plane. I don’t do this for short flights, but Amsterdam-Seattle is a long one. Well, long enough for some extra attention for my skin anyway.

Inflight Skin Care Bag

Airplane air is a nightmare for your skin, extra moisture is what’s needed.

I plan on leaving home with a clean and moisturised face and to pack on more hydration once I’m on the plane for the long haul. I’m not gonna put on make up before boarding because 1) what’s the point? and 2) I don’t wanna bring make up removers etc on the plane.

Nothing better than samples for this purpose. The amount of liquids you can bring with you is limited and who wants be lugging around heavy bottles and pots anyway? Again, just as I said in the fragrance post, I don’t feel like filling little pots and bottles myself. I’ve got perfect sized samples, so why bother?

I opened my sample/yet to use products cupboard and focused on products that are all about moisture. For the face, lips and hands. That’ll do, right? I was also lucky enough to receive some products from Farmaline (marked *: check out this page for the disclaimer) as well, that are perfect for my little pamper bag.

For lips, the decision was quite easy, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is exactly what I need, it can also be used on little cuts, wounds and rashes. Perfect multi purpose product, but I’m primarily taking this to avoid those dreaded dry lips. I’ve sang its praises before, in my Lip Care post, so have a look over there for more info.

Lips- Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Now on to hands, not just a hand cream for moisture but I’m also taking one of those no rinse soaps. The one I have is Rituals Hands FreeThe hand cream of choice is Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener’s Hand Healer. These products are always in my handbag, not only on long haul flights! When you’re on public transportation a lot, it’s just a necessity.

Hands - Rituals Hands Free and Couvent des Minimes Gardener's Hand Healer

Those were all easy and quick decisions. Might get a little more difficult for the face…

At Parfuma I got a sample of Clinique‘s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief which sounds absolutely perfect for this. A light gel/creme for long-lasting hydration? Check! Of course I’ll also need some for the flight back, and one of the other samples I got that day sounds good too: ClarinsHydraQuench Cream. Another product designed to fight dehydration, I think both of these will be perfect.

Some extra attention for the most sensitive of skin, the area around the eyes. Parfuma really spoiled me when I last visited them and two more of their samples will help me out. Clinique is in the mix again, their All About Eyes cream is going in the bag, as well as Sisley‘s Botanical Eye and Lip Contour Complex. Sisley skincare is quite amazing and I’m sure this emulsion will be moisturising, soothing and a dream to apply.

Face - Clinique/Clarins/Sisley Samples

For some extra hydration, a spray is always a great idea. Vichy‘s Eau Thermale* is a spray that’s suitable for sensitive skin. Sprays like these have many purposes: you can use them on a sunfilled poolside holiday, as a setting spray for your make up, or simply for extra bursts of hydration, which is what I’ll be using it for. I don’t have sensitive skin, but on a plane, all skin types are suffering equally. A mist is excellent for a little pick me up.

Face - Vichy Eau Thermale

So we have moisturisers, a mist for some extra hydration, some more moisture, maybe?

Okay, let’s go with some masks, the ultimate pamper products!

Face Masks - Caudalie and Galénic

Caudalie recently launched 4 new, and beautifully packaged, masks: a Moisturizing Mask, Instant Detox Mask, Glycolic Peel and Purifying Mask.  A sample of the Moisturising Mask* is going in the bag!

Another option I’ll be taking is the Galénic Aquapulpe Instant Moisturising Mask*. I have to admit I had never heard of Galénic, I’m so behind when it comes to pharmacy brands… But this mask sounds great, it only takes 2 minutes as well. Not that time will be an issue on the flight, but definitely a plus if you’re looking for a mask in your regular routine when time is of the essence!

Any products I don’t use on the plane could still be used on the trip or back home, don’t worry, no products shall be wasted!

As you can see, I got one of those clear travel sets from Ici Paris XL to stuff all these products in.

I’ll report back on these when I get back!

What are your holy grail products for long haul flights? Let me know in the comments!

P.S.: I’m doing the make up and skin care packin’ posts while I pack and I’m pre-scheduling them so they will appear in the next few weeks, during and after the trip. Just fyi, people!


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