USA trip 2015: Pacific Northwest Part 1

We are back! After all the planning and looking forward to it, the trip is now over, boo! But to keep it fresh in my mind, and maybe make some of you interested in that region, I’m telling you all about it today.

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Get Packin’: Make Up: Lips

If there’s one category of products where I have a lot of high-end favourites, I think it’s lip products. Tom Ford, Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury, the Nars Lip Pencils,… There’s just something about a lipstick in a luxurious packaging to put in your bag for some touching up.

Which is exactly why I don’t want to take them with me on a trip, I don’t want risk losing them! The top drawer of my MUJI is off-limits when packing.


Fortunately, there are quite a few awesome budget friendly lip products out there. I’m not calling them dupes, because drugstore products can be brilliant on their own without being considered a shameless copy of a high-end product. So let’s call them alternatives, more affordable alternatives that give you the same result, maybe not the same packaging, but also not the same frustration if you were to lose them.

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Get Packin’: In-flight Skincare

Here it is, the second instalment of the Get Packin’ series. After fragrance it’s now time for skincare.

The first skincare bag is the one I’ll take with me on the plane. I don’t do this for short flights, but Amsterdam-Seattle is a long one. Well, long enough for some extra attention for my skin anyway.

Inflight Skin Care Bag

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