Random Roundup #2

Another few months have past since my first Random Roundup and why not keep it up? Let’ see what I got up to in July, August and September…

July and August are almost all work no play for me, my colleagues tend to take their time off then and I prefer the months before and after the big holiday rush. So there’s not an awful lot to report here, but I did have some things I wanted to share.

We had 2 memorable restaurant visits. In July we went to The Jane, Sergio Herman’s place in Antwerp, and had a great┬ádinner.

The restaurant is gorgeous, set in a former military hospital but with plenty of modern touches in the interior. In keeping with the very hip design of the place you can see and hear Sergio Herman’s rock ‘n roll touch in the staff’s uniforms (G Star) and the music that is played. The kitchen is in a big glass “box” so you can see what chef Nick Bril and his team are up to, I love that!

I had 7 dishes and that was plenty. Some of the highlights for me were the appetiser of ramen and quail egg, the pork belly dish (always! all the pork belly, all the time. please.) and of course the chocolate and rhubarb dessert. I also really enjoyed the Vermouth aperitif that was suggested by our waiter.

It’s a great place for a special lunch or dinner, especially if you like Sergio Herman’s style and edge, it’s all very cool and trendy.

The second restaurant was not new for us: ‘t Huis Van Lede.This place once had a Michelin star but decided they no longer wanted to participate in the Michelin game and are now just doing their thing without worrying about stars, ratings etc. But don’t be fooled, the food is still very much at a┬áMichelin star level.

We had been here once before (we still reminisce about some of the dishes we had here years ago: the chocolate dessert, the quail, the hop shoots with poached egg,….) and have used their catering service twice for New Year’s Eve, so we know the grub is glorious!

No fixed menu here, a selection of starters, mains and desserts and let the choosing game begin.

My salmon starter and beef tartar main were divine but I couldn’t say no to the Dame Blanche. Nothing like a good Dame Blanche with warm chocolate sauce, yum! A great little place for those who want quality ingredients, prepared by a chef who gives it just that little modern twist without going over the top.

In September I took a quick trip to Madrid, check out my post about it here.

The newest addition to Belgian Beautyland was also on my to visit list: Kiko.

I went on the second Saturday after its opening and it was crazy busy, but I did manage to buy some stuff (Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks!). I suggest you check out the website first if you’re new to the brand, so you’ll be prepared when you enter the shop. Happy shopping! After visiting Kiko you can swing by Marks and Spencer, Apple,… The place to be!

And more great Kiko news: Hasselt will be getting their own store, you lucky bastards!

The final 3 months of the year have now started and they’re my faves: our anniversary, my birthday, Fall and Holiday season: bring it!

P.S.: Check out my instagram for some pics of what I got up to.


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