La Mer: An Introduction

Last Thursday I had the honour and absolute pleasure of being invited to the La Mer x Beautyminded event to celebrate the launch of The Renewal Oil. Before telling you all about the Renewal Oil (except that it’s available now! Check out one of these Ici Paris XL’s), which shall be thoroughly tested and I will report back soon, let me tell you about the event and the story of La Mer, the mythical luxury skin care brand.

La Mer

When your favourite blogger, Katia from Beautyminded, announces an event with one of the leading skin care brands, La Mer, you jump at the opportunity and send an e-mail immediately for a chance to win an invite! So that’s exactly what I did and was thrilled when I found out I was one of the winners.

A small group of lucky readers got together with Katia and the La Mer team (Valerie, Clotilde and Marine) to discover La Mer as a brand, some key products and of course the newly launched Renewal Oil at Estée Lauder HQ. We were treated to sushi (La Mer, you know), macaroons, bubbles and even a special blend of La Mer tea from Marriage Frères as we got to know the brand’s story.

I’m not giving you the full historic account today, but a little intro…

Doctor Max Huber, aerospace physicist, started his quest for a miracle product to heal his burns after an accident during an experiment. And when I say quest, I do mean a serious quest: twelve years and 6.000 experiments later Doctor Huber had created the Miracle Broth, the core of La Mer’s products. The Miracle Broth is filled with various nutrients from the sea, most importantly kelp. La Mer isn’t the only brand to seek a miraculous solution at sea, but to further intensify the benefits of these ingredients they use a fermentation process (3-4 months) which makes all the difference! Going from mere ingredients to ferments is what makes the Miracle Broth so potent and unique. It’s the heart and soul of La Mer’s various products and they pride themselves, and of course Doctor Huber and his quest, on this process and broth.

La Mer has come a long way since then and has gradually developed a line of products for face and body without ever forgetting Doctor Huber’s story of hope and healing that started it all.

The most iconic product to have been released is of course Crème De La Mer. The original product (The Moisturizing Cream) is rich and seems thick. But once you get it on your fingers (use the spatula to take a small dip into the product, you don’t need much!), warm it (it will turn translucent) and press it onto your face you will notice it does indeed feel rich yet also surprisingly light! Resulting in a dewy finish, promising firmness and a reduction of the visibility of lines, wrinkles and pores, this product is probably on everybody’s wish list. All skin types can use and benefit from it, Crème De La Mer does not discriminate!

La Mer knows different people might desire the same results but that doesn’t mean they like the same textures.  They’ve been kind enough to add 4 more textures of Crème De La Mer to the range. The product and results do not differ, it’s just about your preference in texture. Do note that these 4 textures do not require the warming up step in the routine!

The Moisturizing Soft Cream has a lighter texture, The Moisturizing Gel Cream is a cooling gel, The Moisturizing Lotion is fluid and The Oil Absorbing Lotion is probably what people with oily skin will be looking for even though they can use the others as well.

Let’s pretend budget is not an issue for a minute: I would use The Moisturizing Gel Cream in the morning, use Crème De La Mer at night and take The Moisturising Lotion with me on holiday to a sunny place! Wouldn’t that be lush?

From cleansers, body lotion, lip balm and hand cream to skin tints (which apparently are quite amazing) and much more (check out the website): La Mer has got you covered. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow me to try them all (if yours does, by all means go for a complete La Mer routine and let me know how it goes) and if I were to invest it would be in a La Mer eye product.

The eye area is sensitive for everyone and I’ve had my share of troubles there. At the moment all seems to be going well (I hope I’m not jinxing it now) but it remains a delicate area that should be treated extra cautiously.

La Mer has 3 eye products: The Eye Concentrate (the green jar), The Eye Balm Intense (the white jar) and The Illuminating Eye Gel (the white bottle).

The Eye Concentrate has a cream texture and should reduce the appearance of dark circles.

If you’re more concerned with lines, wrinkles and puffiness you might like The Eye Balm Intense.

These products come with a silver-tipped applicator. This is great for 2 reasons: it’s antibacterial (products in a jar are very prone to problems regarding hygiene, I always use little spatulas but a silver one is even better!) and also cooling which is extremely appealing when applying an eye product. To amplify the cooling effect you can also store your eye product in the fridge.

But I have my eye (no pun intended, seriously!) on The Illuminating Eye Gel! It awakens and brightens the eye area but what I like the most about it is that you can apply it onto your eyelid, where most eye products unfortunately dare/can/may/should (take your pick) not venture, and you can easily reapply it during the day, even when you’re wearing make up.

So when it comes to my actual, realistic wish list The Illuminating Eye Gel has made its entrance. It may be on there forever, we’ll see, but I do like the sound of it and after suffering from issues with my eye area I do take extra care of it.

We got a goodie bag (a La Mer goodie bag is what dreams are made of) so stay tuned for my thoughts on The Cleansing Foam and of course the new Renewal Oil.

La Mer

If you want to find out more you can start with a browse around the website, you can go to selected Ici Paris XL shops  (or your beauty destination of choice that offers La Mer) or you can head to Ici Paris XL Rue de Tongres in Brussels, 1 of 3 Ici Paris XL Spas but the only one that offers La Mer, for a La Mer facial.

Have you tried any La Mer products? Is La Mer on your beauty radar or is it too luxurious for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’m curious!

A big thank you to Katia (check out her report here), La Mer ladies Valerie, Clotilde and Marine and the other lucky winners for a wonderful afternoon of beauty talk, sweets ‘n treats and playing with products! Nice to meet you all, if only this was a weekly or monthly rendezvous, I’d sure be there!



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  1. Ik ben best nieuwsgierig geworden, ik heb deze nu al een aantal keer zien voorbij komen. Alleen de prijs…

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