Little Lipstick Love: Size doesn’t matter!

Ah, lipstick… my absolute make up infatuation of the moment. I used to be a lip gloss girl who was afraid of bold lip colour. But a while ago something just clicked, I got over my lipstick fear and became utterly obsessed. Buying, collecting, hoarding, I’m not ready to put a label on it but I sure do love it! The more, the merrier and the beauty world is catching up by giving us little lipsticks so you can love even more of them!

Who can forget the Tom Ford Lips and Boys madness?! A collection of 50 limited edition shades, from nudes to pinks, reds and much more, housed a smaller tube (but otherwise equally beautiful) of 2 g instead of the full size 3 g.


We all know a full size Tom Ford lipstick is not cheap (€48,00 at Parfuma) but justified if you have a weak spot a great product in luxurious packaging. However, if you like to switch it up from a “my lips but better” nude to a hot pink and then a sultry red… budget might become an issue. Enter the Lips & Boys lippies! Still not cheap, but slightly more affordable at €29,00.

I didn’t chase after these when they came out because I didn’t make it to Parfuma then but I did manage to get one a little while later. I got Cooper and I love it, it’s a beautiful pink that fits perfectly in my stash.


Why am I bothering to tell you about these limited edition lipsticks, you say? Well, they are coming back! Catch up on the news here:, apparently in October they will launch again, permanently and with extra shades! Isn’t that exciting? I’d love to get a more neutral shade, so I’ll be looking into those.

Another brand that has gotten on the mini bandwagon is Bite Beauty. They are all about lip products: masks, scrubs, oils,… and lipsticks in different finishes. So if any brand should give us an opportunity to buy more shades in smaller tubes, it’s Bite Beauty!

I was actually looking for the June Limited Release Crème Deluxe lipstick ($36,00) but they didn’t have it at Sephora in Portland. I started looking at the permanent collection and I just couldn’t choose a shade (most of the lipsticks and crayons are about $24,00). Then I spotted the Luminous Crème Lipstick Duos ($14,00) in the Aisle of Doom (where else?) and my problem was solved!


I chose 2: Scarlet/Poppy and Violet/Palomino.



That way I got 4 gorgeous Bite(-sized) Beauty lipsticks for $28,00, which is not a bad deal in my opinion. They are very bright and bold so definitely not everyday colours, but that’s the beauty of the little lipsticks, in my opinion. You can venture out and experiment with colours without committing to full size products and prices! Unfortunately, Bite Beauty is only available in the US, and these seem to be limited edition, so if you’re planning a trip: check these out!

From one mini Tom Ford Lipstick to Bite Beauty’s Duo… Why not go for some more shades, in a set?

Kat Von D Beauty is offering a set of their Studded Kiss Lipsticks: Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss Lip Set. 7 mini’s and one full size limited edition lipstick for $42,00? Uh… Yes, please!

I haven’t tried these yet, the only Kat Von D product I’ve tried is the Tattoo Liner in Trooper (awesome!), so I can’t share my thoughts on the product itself but I can say that the packaging is very cool and rock ‘n roll. The colours are “out there” and not for the faint of heart but I think this is an awesome set at lovely price. Once again though… not available in Belgium. In October the line will be available at Sephora in Spain, so you don’t necessarily need to go to the US (but you want to, right?).

I won’t bother you with yet another product that isn’t available in Belgium, my fellow Belgian beauty lovers, the last item on my little lipstick love list is BE Creative Make Up‘s Sweet Lips Collection.SWEET LIPSA set of 5 of their best-selling shades will be sold as part of their BE Glam collection, the Christmas Collection that will be available as of October 26th 2015. So just wait a few weeks and you can get your hands on these 5 stunning shades for €19,95 at Ici Paris XL. I already have 2 BE Creative Make Up products on my wish list, this is now the third! Wouldn’t that be a lovely present under the Christmas tree? I know I’d be happy…

Are you a fan of mini lipsticks?


P.S.: I think next week’s post will go up on Monday because I’m spending a few days in Madrid (before Kat Von D launches in Spain, I know!) then.






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