Make Up Removers Part 2: Gel and Oil

Welcome back for more make up removal fun! Last week I talked you through some milk and micellar water options. Let’s discover some new, more exciting, textures today.

The perfect texture to make the transition from milk to oil is a gel. If oils still sound scary to you, try a gel first.

Nude‘s Omega Cleansing Jelly had been in my cupboard for a while after making its journey from Sephora to my bathroom, but I was really excited to give it a go and rightly so, because I love it!

It’s a real gel, not a gel/lotion hybrid. I love the texture and you can really massage it into your skin to get every last bit of make up off. Simply use your hands, massage onto dry skin “using circular motions” (I don’t know how else I’d massage it in, but hey…) and then add some water to turn the gel into a lighter, milky texture for that final sweep and rinse.

I don’t need an additional eye make up remover when using this, it feels great on my skin and I sometimes use it as a second cleanse, so this is not just a make up remover but can be a full on cleanser for me.

You can get it at Space NK: £32,32 for 100 ml.

I’d love to try the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I’ve only heard great things about it and the one Oskia product I’ve tried (read more here) was a huge success, so I think I need to try it… It’s £28,00 for 100 ml at Cult Beauty.

So the gel was a hit, but even better… Oils!

I know some people aren’t crazy about oils on their face, but there’s nothing like it. In my opinion it’s the most gentle, yet also most effective and thorough way to remove make up. And just like a gel, I also occasionally use oils as a second cleanse.

Of course you could use coconut oil like the one from Vita Coco, more info here, or the Raw Coconut Cream that I got in my  second Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty Box from RMS BeautyMe, I’m not converted to using these as make up remover, I prefer them as moisturizers. They tend to leave a layer of product on my face, which will eventually be removed by the second cleanse, but it feels awkward to me.

I much prefer the really liquid oils of the non coco variety.

The first one I tried was the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. Olive oil is its main ingredient and it’s a pleasure to use. It’s incredibly soothing and nourishing without losing any make up removal abilities. It gets rid of everything. You can get yours at Ici Paris XL’s The LAB, an online only store filled with exclusive, innovative products: €11,50 for 70 ml. It’s my current fave!

Thanks to‘s giveaway I got the chance to try my first Dermalogica products (thanks again, Marijke!) and one of the 3 products was the Precleanse oil. The application method is no different from the previously mentioned products: massage, add water, rinse. Easy peasy! This one does have a more outspoken scent, so if you have issues with that you might want to skip this one. Apart from that, I’d recommend it to anyone! You can put this in your shopping cart at the Dermalogica Webshop €50,50 for 150 ml, if you’re not so sure just yet, there is a smaller version available.

As you can tell, I’m totally on board with oil make up removal and will definitely be trying more of them. Very high on my “to try” list is The Body Shop‘s Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, definitely a budget friendly alternative if it’s as good as everyone says it is: £11,00 for 200 ml! Must try…

Another one to try: Caudalie‘s Make Up Removing Cleansing Oil, available (well, seems to be out of stock at the moment) at Farmaline:  €15,84 for 100 ml.

I could add another category here for balm textures. You know I love Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm and I’ve heard lovely things about Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, but I consider these true cleansers, aka Second Cleanse products, and not mere make up removers. As they say “Save the best for last” and a balm is the most beautiful product you can apply after removing your make up with a milk, micellar water, gel or oil. But if you feel like using a balm to remove your make up: by all means, do!

Voilà, my favourite make up removers of the moment. What’s your favourite make up remover?




2 thoughts on “Make Up Removers Part 2: Gel and Oil

  1. Hi Eva! You made so many lovely choices! I can really relate to that kind of cleanser galore. I really like Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel but for removing makeup, The Body Shop’s Chamomile Oil and the Makeup Removing Oil by Caudalie are awesome. Big hug!

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