Make Up Removers: Part 1: Milk and Micellar Water

I’ve been trying some new make up removers lately and wanted to give a little overview of what I liked and what I’d love to try soon.

Back in April I told you about the cleansers I was using at that moment. But this time I’m focusing on make up removers aka the First Cleanse.

Makeup removers come in many different textures and at many different prices, it can be confusing and overwhelming to find out what you “should” use. What you should use obviously depends on your budget, what your skin needs and your personal preference. From oils to gels to micellar waters, there’s something for everyone.

My first makeup remover was definitely a milk formula, I think this will be the case for many of you. And… spoiler alert: it’s my least favourite now. But a few years ago it was all about the milk when it came to make up removal. The issue I have with these products is I simply don’t like them on my face. I think it’s a bit of hassle to use with cotton pads, I don’t like applying it with my hands either, it just doesn’t really work for me. I don’t doubt their cleansing abilities, so by all means go for the milk if you like the texture!

My most recent experience with this type of product was the Galénic Pur 2 in 1 Face and eye Make-Up Remover*. It’s described as a “gel-like milk/lotion texture” but for me it’s simply a milk texture. It smells lovely and its texture is quite light and not too rich. It does a great job for the face but for eyes it doesn’t really perform well for me. I definitely need to follow-up with an eye make up remover (I think we all know I’m talking about Clinique Take the Day Off Make Up Remover for Lids, Lashes and  Lips by now, well, you do now!) when using a cleansing milk, not just this specific one, all of ’em. You can buy it at Farmaline for €9,90 (200 ml) which is very reasonable. However, I’d go for this version, which is not 2-in-1 since I’m using a separate eye make up remover anyway and it comes in a pump dispenser which I prefer.

If you’re willing to spend a little more I’d recommend the Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk with Velvet Peony Extract which is targeted at dry and/or sensitive skin which I don’t really suffer from but I tend to take these recommendations with a grain of salt anyway, it worked fine for me. You can get this at Ici Paris XL for 26,30 (200 ml).

Moving on to another formula that’s been making a splash: micellar waters. You can’t seem to escape these, they are a huge hype.

The biggest name in this category is of course Bioderma Sensible H2O . I’ve been using it for a while now and have repurchased several times so I must like it. But I can’t say that I love it. Even though I like it better than a milk I still have the same issues with it: it requires cotton pads and it’s not strong enough to thoroughly remove eye make up (Benefit They’re Real mascara in my case). It does apply better with the cotton pads than a milk texture but I still prefer using my hands, and there are better formula’s out there if you want to avoid the cotton pad hassle (more on those later).

This is turning into a bit of a cotton pad ramble, but apart from removing eye make up I tend to stay away from them, it just doesn’t feel nice to me and my face. This of course is not a Bioderma issue, but a micellar water issue. What I do appreciate about it is that it’s very light and fresh which can be very welcome during Summer. Check out Farmaline or your local pharmacy for all the sizes and types, because the range is quite vast, but to give you a price indication: 250 ml will cost you €15,03.

More and more brands are bringing out micellar waters, from drugstore to luxury brands. I haven’t tried any of these but Mixa seems to offer some nice options, like this anti-redness micellar water (€6,99 for 400 ml at Di) and at the opposite end of the budget spectrum Guerlain has Eau De Beauté Micellar Lotion (not just a water then…) which will set you back a whopping €40,20 for 200ml. But I haven’t tried it, so maybe it’s really worth it… ?

I’m not giving up on micellar waters just yet and I think I might pick up Soap & Glory‘s Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water next time I’m in the UK.

As you can tell, milk and micellar water aren’t my favourite  kind of make up removers, but if you like using these textures the products mentioned are very nice options.

For me, it’s simply a matter of wanting to use my hands instead of cotton pads and needing a product that can deal with my mascara. Next week I’ll talk you through oil and jelly which have quickly become my favourite types of make up remover, so we’re working our way up! See you then?


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