Random Roundup

In March I gave you a Restaurant Round Up because we had been going to some interesting restaurants. This time around we’ve not been going to fancy restaurants as much but I did have some other non beauty things I wanted to share with you.


The last few months was all about our USA road trip, check out the story here and here. We’re now going through all of our pictures to make our photo album and we have some plans to put some on our walls. But that’s a long-term project…


Only one restaurant deserves a mention this time, but a lovely one: Publiek. It’s a very cool place, hip and trendy but not in an obnoxious hipster way. The food is great, pure and “simple” in the best way possible. No gimmicks or fancy stuff, just delicious food and drinks at a great price, thumbs up!


The weekend after our return from the USA we just had to go see Jurassic World. Such a shame it wasn’t out while we were in the States, because this would’ve been amazing in Imax (we settled for San Andreas instead). I absolutely loved it, it was nostalgic without recycling too much of the Jurassic Park Series. And Chris Pratt. Yes, please.


We went to see Joshua Radin in Antwerp, a nice concert but kind of weird as well. He seemed kind of taken aback by the small and quiet audience (Belgians can be so shy at concerts, myself included, no judging) but I thought he was great and quite funny, as was his pal Cary Brothers. He didn’t play Today though, our first dance…

We saw Fink again and I was blown away, if you ever get the chance to see these guys, don’t hesitate!


Books are for vacations and the train rides from and to work for me, I hardly ever read at home. But yes, I love reading magazines (Elle at the moment, I cancelled Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar but am now thinking of an Allure subscription, thoughts?) and books on the train to make the journey to and from work more enjoyable.

I really like the Cormoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) and enjoyed JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy very very very much. I was a bit disappointed by the BBC television series, but I guess that’s always the case with movie/tv adaptations.

My husband kindly gave me his Kindle which I have been using to devour Karin Slaughter‘s books. I wanted to read them in the correct order and have done so and I’m almost at the last available book! I’m panicking at the mere thought of having no more  of these books to read. I adore them, they’re full of suspense and you just want to keep on reading. The characters are great and the books are just really well written. You don’t necessarily have to read them in the “right” order, you always get some background information (but not too much so that you get annoyed when you have read the older ones) but I do recommend starting with the Grant County series and moving onto the Atlanta books. I’m so into these, I need a tv adaptation, which will surely disappoint me, but still: tv series, please!

So yeah, I’m looking for a new series to start reading, if you have any tips in the detective genre, Karin Slaughter style, let me know so I can keep on reading! I’ve thought about Nicci French and Patricia Cornwell, so if you have any experience with their books, let me know in the comments.

I’ve also enjoyed Amy Poehler‘s Yes Please which was hilarious and I read Anthony KiedisScar Tissue. I love me some Peppers, but I just got annoyed reading his book. Of course it was going to be about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll but something about it just rubbed me the wrong way.


I’m so into Netflix, Hulu and HBO, it might be a problem. I finished Sons of Anarchy (love!), still watching Glee (don’t really know why) and need to watch Parks and Recreations more often! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was both hit and miss for me, it was funny at times but a little over the top at the end.

We watched all available seasons of House of Cards (awesome!) and are now making our way through Orange is the New Black Season 2. I like it, but I think it’s gonna get old soon. We’ll see…

My current obsession though… Watching The Hills again and getting started with The Real Housewives! I started with the original: Orange County, but I am on season 3 now and don’t really know if I should start mixing with the other ones or finish one Real Housewife series at a time. Struggles!

Exciting food/travel/… plans are coming up in the next few months, so check back later for an update on those!


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