Get Packin’: The Aftermath

We’ve had the pre-trip packing posts, the posts about our trip. Now we’re evaluating the stuff I packed! There were quite a few new products in my bag so I thought it’d be nice to share my opinion on some of them. I highlighted my favourites in case the wall of text is too much…

Let’s just do this in the same I order of the original Get Packin’ posts, starting with…


This was easy: Gucci by Gucci. This isn’t a fragrance that will knock you off your feet but you also won’t get tired of it after a few days of use. It’s a lovely light scent that appeals to many people and works for all seasons and places.

In-flight skincare

This was all about moisture, hydration to the max! I packed some samples and mini’s and I have to say, it couldn’t be easier than that, I definitely recommend saving up samples, GWP’s etc if you’re a frequent traveller.

I used the products like this: when I got on the plane, both going to the USA and going back home, my skin was cleansed and moisturized with my regular skin care routine. After the first round of drinks and food (sounds like a party) I applied a moisturising mask, hand cream and lip balm and enjoyed the movies. During the flight I used the Eau Thermale to keep my skin hydrated and just freshen up. About 30 minutes before landing I used the “regular” eye cream and moisturizers.

The lip and hand products weren’t new to me, so no news there: good stuff.

I enjoyed Clinique‘s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and All about Eyes, Clarins‘ HydraQuench Cream and Sisley‘s Botanical Eye and Lip Contour Complex but I wasn’t overwhelmed. Of course, a one time try with a sample can’t say much, skin care requires thorough longterm testing. But these 4 products were lovely to apply and felt very comfortable on my skin.

Now on to the masks: I loved both Caudalie’s Moisturising Mask* and Galénic’s Aquapulpe Instant Moisturising Mask*. They were really good: moisturising (obvs…), but not tacky or sticky. If you’re not comfortable with using a mask that’s really visible, and the looks you might get from others (not that you should), the Galénic mask is the best one in my opinion, it’s lighter and more translucent. Both did a great job!

But the real star of my in-flight skin care bag was the Vichy Eau Thermale*. This spray is all kinds of amazing.

First of all the amount of product that comes in one spritz is perfect and perfectly covers your face. The product itself is equally perfect, all hydration and moisture without ending up with wet skin. By far my favourite product in this category!


The regular skin care routine is up next. Cleansers first! No news about Bioderma Micellar Water, I’m happy about this one, but I’m thinking of trying some more affordable micellar waters next.

The Giorgio Armani Perfection Eye Make Up Remover was great, but isn’t able to beat my absolute fave: Clinique Take the Day Off Make Up Remover. A small amount of this goes a long way and while the Armani remover did a great job, it required some more product for the same result.

Nude’s Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly was a lovely discovery. Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm is still my number one, but the Jelly was very pleasant to use. It’s very light yet efficient and again, a little goes a long way. I think I’d use the Jelly as a morning cleanser (when I’m out of Soap and Glory’s The Ultimelt…) because it’s so fresh and the Balm as a second cleanser in the evening because it allows for some more thorough massaging.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Clarity-Activating Toner was a miss for me. I missed my Pixi Glow Tonic so bad… I just didn’t feel it did anything beneficial. Not that I expect groundbreaking results straightaway, but it just didn’t feel comfortable to me.

Up next: moisturizers.

Filorga’s Hydra Filler was nice, but not a definite “must buy again”. I’ll definitely give another chance (it’s far from used up!) but at the moment I don’t feel the need to slap it on my face every morning.

Another new product was also by Filorga: Sleep Recover Anti-Fatigue Night Balm. A whole other story here, this was luscious! As you know, I like very creamy, slightly “heavy” products at night, and this one is superb! Definitely going to use this more in the future.

Some more Caudalie masks made their way into my bag: the Purifying Mask*, which was okay but nothing life changing, and the Instant Detox Mask which I loved. It is a clay mask, which some people don’t enjoy, but it’s really not too drying or uncomfortable at all.

Make Up: Face

Not that many new products here, but a some successful new ones were included, the best being Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet! My oh my, what a lovely foundation. The shade is great for me, the formula is a dream to apply and the lasting power is amazing. Definitely will be repurchasing this and I do prefer it to Burberry’s Velvet Foundation…

The Rimmel Natural Bronzer was also new for me and although it wasn’t as successful as the foundation, I was pleasantly surprised. Great for people with pale skin like me, a nice subtle bronzer.

More great stuff at an affordable price: Kiko’s Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter. If you’re looking for a subtle highlighter, nothing too glittery or shiny: buy this one, you will not regret it. I think cream highlighters look more natural than powder highlighters and this one proves my point! I can see this being used a lot this summer and I must urge you to check it out!

The Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush on the other hand was not as good. It’s a nice product, but if you want nicely pigmented blush you should look elsewhere. It’s easy to apply and looks nice, but you’re not getting a lot of colour. For me, that’s not bad at all, but it’s just good to know before you buy.

Make Up: Eyes

My eye make up got a bit of rocky start upon arrival in Seattle, my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette had exploded. Okay, not the whole palette, but the darkest shade exploded and ruined the whole thing… That kinda sucked at first, but I have to admit… I haven’t really missed it.

So I got by with my MAC and Chanel palettes and Kiko’s Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow. I’m probably the only one saying this, but I prefer Chanel eyeshadows to MAC, they’re so much easier to apply. And once again, Kiko’s Golden Chocolate is such a winner! This product is absolute perfection, and the price just makes it even better. I need more!

Only one of the 3 mascara samples I took with me was new: Armani’s Black Ecstasy. Not a big fan of this mascara, it didn’t really do much for me. It’s supposed to deliver the Holy Lash Trinity: volume, length and curl. I got none of that…

Make Up: Lips

I don’t have news to report in this category, I had used all of these before and knew I loved them!

I was actually happy I brought so many shades because, as predicted, I kept my eye make up quite basic most of the time and just went with bold lips most of the time, so some changes in the shades were welcome for me.

Some hits, some misses, but overall I was really pleased with my selection. If you want some more information and pictures of the products mentioned, check out the Get Packin’ posts that I linked throughout this one, enjoy!







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