In love with a watch: Komono

I went to the Oona Welcome Days in April and I fell head over heels in love with Komono’s amazing watches.

Komono is a community of designers, founded by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes. They design sunglasses and watches.


The sunglasses are cool, sure. Just look at these black and gold Renee glasses (€59,95) and how about the Prosecco version (€44,95):Renee - Gold Black (Metal Series)Renee - Prosecco

Awesome, but because I wear glasses I rarely buy a new pair of sunglasses, it’s always a hassle and an extra cost to get the glasses adjusted so I just try to avoid looking at beautiful sunglasses altogether.

But the stars of the Komono collection were definitely the watches for me! The first one I saw was Winston Royale Zirconium and it was love at first sight. Such a gorgeous watch!

Winston Royale Zirconium

But then I stumbled upon a huge collection of these watches and discovered they had many more styles and variations. The other Winstons I really like are Royale Black and Royale Silver, yes, I like beautiful basics and simple stunners!

Winston Royale Black


Winston Royale Silver

These are €89,95 apiece, which is not much for these beauties, in my opinion. Watches tend to be pricey, this is a good deal!

I usually go for big watches like these, but then I saw the dainty Miss Moneypenny and I’ve convinced myself I absolutely need a smaller watch now.

It comes in metal finishes, just like Winston. Look, it’s ROSE GOLD (€69,95)! Gold, Silver and Gun are also lovely colours, but Rose Gold…

Moneypenny Royale Rose GoldBut it’s also available in a metallic version, with PU leather straps:

Moneypenny Metallic  Silver


Moneypenny Metallic Rose GoldThese are €49,95 and are so pretty.

These are the styles and finishes I prefer, but check out the website/eShop for the whole range.

Where can you find them? All over the world! I spotted 2 stores in Ghent, interesting,…

Do you know Komono? Or is it a new discovery for you as well?





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