New additions to the Wall of Fave

It’s been a while since I added the first products to my Wall of Fave, time to add some more!

All of these have been covered in previous blog posts, I’ll link to those, so no big surprises today…

Kiko has been a great discovery in 2014, such a great brand with a huuuuge range of products at amazing prices, what’s not to love? My favourite Kiko product so far is the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow. I only have one shade at the moment, but more will definitely be bought (those blues and greens… heart eyed emojis all over the place). The staying power is impressive, the pigmentation is perfect and the price? Winner!
I do realize the By Terry Ombre Backstars are Holy Grail Eyeshadow Sticks for most people, but I haven’t tried them yet. I’ll stick (see what I did there?) to Kiko for now…
Take a look at my original post about this product here.

After using a great eyeshadow with this kind of staying power, you need a great eye make up remover. There’s only one for me and that’s the Clinique Take The Day Off Make Up Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips. Many people seem to have trouble recovering Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara (another fave!) but this remover deals with it effortlessly. No need to rub madly, it’s such a gentle product, which is exactly what our eyes need!
I mentioned it before in an Ici Paris XL haul post, check it out here.

There are so many books about beauty out there, but there’s one that is by far my absolute favourite. It’s not filled with how to’s and pictures and that’s exactly what makes it unique. Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest is about so much more than make up, it’s about beauty in the very broad sense of the word. I do really like the picture filled beauty books as well, but this one is food for thought. The original post where I declare my love for this book is just a click away.

I’m one of those people who loves taking a bath to relax, so Sunday Pampering Day involves a relaxing bath with some fizziness. The Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar is my bath product of choice. It’s so very unfortunate that this was the first of my Zoella products I ran out of… I will definitely buy this again next time I’m in the UK. Great packaging, lovely scent, awesome price. Bargain fave! I wrote about this fave in the first part of my London haul: here you go!

I already have some products in mind that might make it onto the Wall of Fave, but only time can tell if they’re truly worthy…


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