Ah, scrubs, I love ’em. Just like masks, they’re perfect for a quick or more elaborate pamper session.
To keep our skin glowing and smooth we need to get rid of the dead skin and while granular scrubs are not my cup of tea for exfoliating my face, it is definitely the way to go for the body.

I recently bought 2, so let’s take a look at those!


The Cowshed scrub is the Knackered Cow Relaxing Shower Scrub.
The tube contains a lavender and eucalyptus filled gel with little granules in it, which apparently are Acai fruit particles.

Scrubs -  Cowshed

This is such a lovely scrub… Very gentle yet highly effective and also so very moisturising.
This is the perfect scrub if you want a quick fix and don’t necessarily have the time to be slapping on body lotion afterwards. Unless you have very dry skin, you could get away with just using the scrub.

The lavender and eucalyptus give a nice smell without being overpowering.

The tube makes it the perfect scrub for travel.

It’s available at Wander & Co for €18,50, if it’s still on sale!

The other scrub under my microscope today is one of my Rainpharma purchases: the Sugar Scrub -Calming Botanical Touch. You can buy this one for €19,95.

This scrub is quite different from the Cowshed one. At first it’s very dense, definitely not a gel texture here. This also means it doesn’t disappear immediately, it kind of sticks to your skin, ready to be scrubbed. Once you apply this thick grainy scrub to damp skin and get scrubbin’ it turns into a balmy texture which then soothes the freshly exfoliated skin.

Scrubs - Rainpharma

This scrub requires a bit more effort but it will also deliver better results.

Just like the Cowshed Scrub there is some lavender involved, but the Sugar Scrub smells less soapy. I love the smell of the Sugar Scrub, it’s very fresh and the hint of grapefruit is divine.

Choosing between these 2 would be very silly. I suggest using them like this: during the week I use the Cowshed Shower Scrub (1-2 times) and when it’s time for some pampering action in the weekend I use Rainpharma’s Sugar Scrub and then follow up with body lotion.

Happy scrubbin’, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Scrubbin’

  1. Hey Eva, I have been wanting to try something from Rainpharma for a long time! I guess I’ll start with the scrub once I’m done with the scrub I’m using (Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. It’s my HG, but it’s pricey so I only buy it when there is a good discount)!

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