Lip Balm Mania

It’s that time of the year: the weather is not doing our skin any favours. In my case my hands and lips suffer the most. Last year I blogged about lip care and now I want to take a closer look at the last step of the lip care process: lip balm.

Lip Balm Mania

I gathered all my lip balms and discovered I had plenty!

The first one in the picture is the MAC Lip Conditioner and it’s my least favourite. I had this in my bag for a while and used it at work. At first it’s a really nice product, it feels very smooth and hydrating. But I’d have to re-apply it so often, it just vanishes into thin air way too soon! Now I just use it at home because I don’t feel like throwing it away either and I can’t be bothered to be applying lip balm every 30 minutes at work. I will not be repurchasing this one.

Next is a Clinique product: Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Mango. Okay, technically this is a lip gloss. But it’s moisturizing enough to be considered a balm, in my opinion. This is the perfect product if you’re lips need some extra attention but you want a hint of colour as well.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is very well represented in my stash: one big tube and 2 smaller ones (that come with a lip applicator). It’s a great product and the lip balm I reach for when my lips are really dry. It’s not just a lip balm though and it can be used for a range of issues like minor burns, rash,… I tend to get paper cuts at work (ah yes, life at the office) and this stuff comes in handy when that happens. A very no-nonsense product that does exactly what it claims. If only it was easier to get my hands on it…

I was lucky enough to win a Rituals goodie bag from Beautyminded. There were 5 lip products  in the goodie bag: Eve’s Kiss, La Vie en Rose (glosses), Lip Shine in Soft Red (lipstick) and Smooth Operator and Lip Service (balms).

Rituals - Eve's Kiss


Rituals - La Vie en Rose


Rituals - Lip Shine in Soft Red

Today is all about balms, so Smooth Operator and Lip Service are getting some extra attention.

Rituals - Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator is the easiest one to use on the go. Not a tube or a pot, just a straightforward stick, very practical. If you’re not into eucalyptus and/or mint, this one is not for you. That being said, I really like it. It’s refreshing and hydrating. I gave this one a place on my desk at work, I don’t want to cover my desk and documents in lip balm, so it’s just the sensible thing to do.

Rituals - Lip Service

Lip Service is a different formula, more glossy. This one has a place in my bag now, it’s a light balm yet very moisturising.

Once again, thank you for the giveaway, Katia!

The Dior Lip Glow in Coral is a lip balm that one of those products that react to your lips and enhance your natural lip colour. I can’t say it’s very pigmented, but I don’t need it to be. It’s nice lip balm if you want that slight hint of colour.

Kiehl’s rewards its customers for recycling: when you bring back empties you collect stamps and after a few of these you get products! The first product I received (I think after 3 empties, but I’m not sure) was their Lip Balm #1. This is a lovely lip balm, to me this is what the MAC Lip Conditioner should be. It’s a lovely light formula as well, but this one actually hydrates and stays put!

Onto the little pots now. I’ve heard so many great things about Nuxe Rêve de Miel so the moment I saw a special, and very budget friendly, edition at my pharmacist, I had to give it a go.

Nuxe - Rêve de Miel

The picture on the website makes it look like this is a super smooth creamy texture, but the reality is very different. I really don’t know how to describe the texture, it’s not gritty like a scrub but it is very thick. Do I like it? Yes, but only as an overnight lip balm. I can’t imagine using this by day or applying any other lip product on top of this.

The Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Lip & Cheek Balm is still a great balm for daily use, I use it in the morning. By the time I get to work it’s usually gone so it’s definitely not the most intense balm, but for those days when your lips are doing fine and you just want a sheer coloured balm, this one is good.

In my previous lip care post I mentioned By Terry Baume de Rose and I haven’t repurchased it yet! It’s by far my favourite lip balm (check out last year’s post) but I will only repurchase when my lips are in serious need of it. I can’t justify the price otherwise…

Also on the lip care wish list: those new Clarins Lip Oils, their Lip Balm Perfectors (and I have yet to try the originals…) as well and Sisley’s Nutritive Lip Balm, thanks to Alice!




2 thoughts on “Lip Balm Mania

  1. My pleasure Eva, I’m glad you like the products! Smooth operator is a desk essential for me and the other ones are somewhere in my purses.. And if you love By Terry’s Baume de Rose so much, you should check out the flaconettes they’re doing, Cosmeticary still has some gift sets in stock with four Nutri-Color versions and the original balm in an on-the-go packaging. There’s a review ’bout them on my blog and it’s easier to justify the price (€65) as you get FIVE products, just sayin.. 😉

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