Valentine’s Day: Show some love to small shops!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you participate in it or not, you won’t be able to ignore it.

So let’s just make V-Day about love and gifts for your partner, best friend, pet, mom, yourself,… I think we can all get behind that idea, right?

I’ve wanted to do a post about my favourite (online) shops for a while and there’s no time like the present. The 3 shops I’m talking about today are all small Belgian shops founded by young women, and that’s a lovely coincidence! I have absolutely no problem with shopping at big multinationals like H&M, Zara and the like, but sometimes it’s just great to get personal service and to get your hands on items that are just a little more unique.

The first shop is present both online and at their store in Ghent: Beautyqueen.

I’ve talked about Beautyqueen many many times before on the blog because it simply is my absolute favourite place for beauty in Ghent.

What I recently purchased at Beautyqueen: Bahama Mama and Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm, Rose Gold Complete Eye Set and Rose Gold Luxury Set from Zoeva (finally mine!).


Zoeva Brush Sets -  Instragram


Ideas for Valentine’s day: Of course the Rose Gold Zoeva brush sets are beautiful gifts, anyone who’s into makeup would be over the moon with these!

Getting ready for a Valentine’s Day date? Start your prep with a pampering session at the Beautyqueen City Spa: massages, treatments, waxing,… They do it all, and of course a mani is a must. If you like doing your nails yourself, and appreciate some nailart, you might like the DIY Nail Decals (€7,50).

DIY Nails Decals Sweet Hearts
What’s romance without candles? Lily Flame’s scented candles are perfect to set the right mood. I have, and love, Powder Puff but Love (€12,50) might better for the occasion.

Lily Flame:Love

I have never shopped online at Beautyqueen, just because I enjoy going into their shop way too much.

Next up is another shop that has been mentioned here more than once: Luxedy. It’s a great online shop for all kinds of accessories: rings, necklaces, bags, scarves,…

What I recently purchased at Luxedy: I bought the Laurence Delvallez Numa bracelet on sale (my patience was rewarded) and the Wish Me Luck necklace (I had no patience here and ordered it a s a p!). Yes, rose gold, surprise surprise.


Ideas for Valentine’s day: to wear or to give to a loved one, these rose gold heart earrings are very cute. They sell some really cool and very affordable bracelets like this Sweet Heart Bracelet and if that’s not up your alley, instead of hearts you can also go for an arrow or these luscious lips.
I really like this beautiful grey bag, the chains are just the right amount of embellishment and bling for me!

I’ve always been very happy with my Luxedy orders and shopping online there is a dream, their service is impeccable.

We’ve got beauty and accessories covered and my third pick, Wander & Co, gives us more of that and throws some lifestyle and home goodies into the mix!

What I recently purchased at Wander & Co: 3 Cowshed products: Knackered Cow Relaxing Shower Scrub and Relaxing Bath and Body Oil and the Skincare Essential Starter Kit.

Cowshed-Wander & Co

Ideas for Valentine’s day: Candles are always a great gift and this Yankee Candle set looks great to me. These mugs are cool and sweet at the same time and that’s not an easy combo.

Sometimes the right words are all you need, and these cards are full of love! And donuts. Never say no to donuts.

Wander & Co is a webshop, but I purchased the Cowshed products at a stock sale, so I haven’t actually ordered anything online.

Valentine’s Day or not, shopping at these places is always a treat!


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