Milan Haul part 2: Burberry

After my Kiko Haul things got a little less budget friendly in Milan… I’ve had Burberry Beauty on my mind since our trip to London, but I had already done enough damage there!
Still, I couldn’t forget about it. So when we were in Rinascente and my mother in law decided this would be a great time for my birthday present… I swiftly made my way to their Burberry counter!

Burberry Haul

Burberry Haul

The moment I saw the Velvet Foundation (€43,00), I knew this would be mine. I got matched to 201.
Now might be the time to share my thoughts on the YSL Touche Eclat foundation I had been using. It’s a lovely foundation but too dewy for me. I know some people love this finish for a foundation but I prefer a matte finish so I can add shimmer, glow, whatever you want to call it, later with other products. I just don’t like glow and shine all over my face! So I’m saving that one for Spring/Summer and the Burberry Velvet foundation couldn’t have come at a better time!

The packaging is stunning, maybe not very easy for travelling, but gorgeous nonetheless. And it has a pump, so no mess.

Burberry - Velvet Foundation in 201

Burberry – Velvet Foundation in 201

It applies evenly and it stays on all day. Lovely foundation! After this one I think I might try Chanel’s Perfection Lumière Velvet foundation. And at the rate I’m using this one (daily), that might be quite soon.

As I said, I like to add some glow myself. And Burberry’s Fresh Glow Fluid (€41,00) is perfect for this, especially combined with the Velvet Foundation, a match made in heaven if you ask me. Nude Radiance was the shade for me.

Burberry - Fresh Glow Fluid in 01 Nude Radiance

Burberry – Fresh Glow Fluid in 01 Nude Radiance

This Luminous Fluid Base can be used several ways: alone if you just need a bit of illumination, as a primer under your foundation, mixed/blended with your foundation and on cheekbones, nose, etc, as a highlighter.

I don’t really see the point of mixing it with foundation, I’d think their Fresh Glow Foundation would give you the same result, using just 1 product.

Personally, I use it as a highlighter. I’ve tried it both under and on top of my foundation and both  methods work. A liquid highlighter gives a more natural, “glow from within”, look than a powder, and this a great one.
I don’t use it on a daily basis, but it just adds that little extra touch when necessary. If you’re like me and prefer a matte foundation so you can add subtle highlights and glow on specific areas, these 2 are perfect! I mean… look at them!

Burberry - Fresh Glow Fluid (01) and Velvet Foundation (201)

Burberry – Fresh Glow Fluid (01) and Velvet Foundation (201)

The third product I got was the Sheer Concealer  (€33,00) in 02 Soft Beige (not mentioned on the website). I can’t say I’m a huge fan. I must admit I haven’t used it very much yet, my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is a tough act to follow!

Burberry - Sheer Concealer in 03 Rosy Beige

Burberry – Sheer Concealer in 02 Soft Beige

The Sheer Concealer is very liquid and I find it hard to blend in easily. Some more practice might be in order here.

I couldn’t leave the Burberry counter without an Oxblood product, right? It’s such a beautiful colour, so very Burberry.
I was very temped by the nail polish (€19,00), but decided I already have more nail polish than I could ever use.
A lip product it is then! Burberry offers several types of lip products: Lip Velvets, Lip Mists, Lip Covers and Lip Glows are the main types. Oxblood is available as a Lip Mist, Lip Cover and Lip Glow.

As you will see in next week’s post, I had already bought a bold, dark lipstick, so the Lip Cover might be too similar.

My gloss loving days are in the past, so I passed on the Lip Glow. Somewhere in between those 2 is the Lip Mist (€27,00). The formula is sheer, but also packed with pigment. This is a perfect product for anyone who wants to try a bold colour, but is afraid of matte lipsticks. A gateway bold lip product!

Burberry - Lip Mist in Oxblood

Burberry – Lip Mist in Oxblood

Of course, it doesn’t have the staying power of a matte formula, but it also won’t fade awkwardly, it leaves a nice stain.

Apparently, the packaging is usually different for the Lip Mists, but this was part of the Holiday collection. It’s gorgeous.

Burberry - Lip Mist

Burberry – Lip Mist

That’s it for the birthday haul, but I got some nice extras! Thanks to the lovely sales associate and my mother in law, I got a nice make up bag, a My Burberry sample (we all got one, actually) and a My Burberry Miniature. My love for My Burberry is no secret, so I was very happy with these!

Burberry - haul and make up bag

Burberry – haul and make up bag

Burberry - My Burberry sample

Burberry – My Burberry sample

Burberry - My Burberry miniature

Burberry – My Burberry miniature

Speaking of miniatures, check out my Instagram for a picture of the My Burberry miniature and its normal counterpart and also look for Sunny‘s hashtag #showmetheminis and join in on the fun!

The concealer may not be a hit for me, but I love the other products and would recommend them to anyone who is willing to pay a little more.

I will certainly be buying more Burberry, in London if I’m really lucky and otherwise I’ll have to go to Inno at Louizalaan in Brussels.

Grazie mille to the lovely people at the counter and my mother in law!

Join me here next week for a tiny yet lovely Dolce & Gabbana haul.


10 thoughts on “Milan Haul part 2: Burberry

  1. Hey Eva, I am not going to pretend that my favorite piece here is not that mini My Burberry LOL

    Burberry makes great stuff! My personal favorites so far are their powder products, especially the single eyeshadows. I really need to post a photo on Instagram at some point so that you can see how dented it is. OK it’s not that I have hit pan, but for someone who has a big stash and who doesn’t even wear makeup every day, it’s a good dent 🙂

    • The freebie is your favourite?! Just kidding, I love it too.
      The eyeshadows look great, I have some on my Net à Porter wishlist, but that’s a longterm wish, it’ll have to wait…

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