Looking forward to 2015

After looking back at 2014 it’s time to look forward to 2015!

First and foremost I am looking forward to my second year of blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun with this little blog! So thank you for those who visited in 2014, I hope you’ll be coming back in 2015.

And because this is a beauty blog, let’s kick things off with beauty.


I have no idea what my beauty revelation or discovery will be this year, but I do have a few brands I want to get to know better.

Bobbi Brown is a brand that has caught my eye so many times, but I only ever bought an eyelash curler and a Shimmer Brick. I really want to try some base products like concealer and/or corrector because I think that’s something Bobbi Brown does amazingly. And of course I would have to check the rest of the range as well…

Another brand on my radar is Giorgio Armani Beauty. I was lucky¬†enough to get my hands on some samples of mascara, lip gloss and eye make up remover and now I want more… The Luminous Silk Foundation is on top of the wish list!

I started the Chanel Le Jour La Nuit Le Weekend skin care regimen at the end of December so I cannot wait to see the results. Check back here in a few months’ time!

Still on the list… Zoeva’s Rose Gold brushes! 2015 has to be the year I get my hands on these.


So far there’s only one music item on the list: going to see Fink!

TV and Movies

On the TV front, Netflix will be my best buddy again. I’m looking forward to House of Cards season 3 (still watching season 2), we really should get started on Mad Men and so many more…

The movies I’ll be willing to leave my couch for in 2015 will be the new Avengers movie and Jurassic World.


We are going back to Vrijmoed, of course! We’ll also be trying some new places: Restaurant Horseele, Hofke van Bazel and Publiek. And that’s just the first 3 months of the year.


So far there’s one trip on the horizon for 2015, we are hitting the road again in the US of A! This time we will be exploring the Pacific Northwest: Washington and Oregon.

I do hope another London trip will be squeezed in again…

And that’s about it, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring for all of us!



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