London haul part 1: Zoella Beauty @ Superdrug

Let’s kick off the London haul posts with some drugstore purchases. We started our shopping at Marble Arch, you know what that means… Boots and Superdrug! Superdrug is the place to be for your Zoella Beauty needs, so let’s see what I got.

Zoella Beauty

Zoella Beauty


I don’t think Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) needs any introduction: she’s a YouTube sensation! I really enjoy her beauty videos, and with her (also non beauty) vlogs I think she really speaks to a younger audience. She seems like a genuinely nice and fun person and very real: she’s very open about her anxiety issues which is what makes her so relatable. (By the way, there’s a YouTube ad featuring Zoella that was played all the time on the screens at train/tube stations, so I feel like this was a bit of Zoella themed London trip.)

So it made sense that she would release a range of products at some point. When I think of Zoella and beauty products, I immediately think of beautiful, bold lips. She does a great dark lip! The next thing I think of is hair: she has gorgeous long hair, so a range of hair products by Zoella? I’d buy it!

I would be very excited to be some Zoella lipsticks or hair care, but that’s not what she’s released…
Her range, Zoella Beauty (sold at Superdrug and Feelunique), is a range of pampering products! Great, we all need some pampering from time to time.

So what exactly does this range offer? Maybe I’ll start with the products I didn’t buy:

At these prices, these are the most expensive in the range… So I think it’s safe to say that these are a very affordable products. The reason I didn’t buy them wasn’t the price though… I’m not really a body mist person and I sometimes feel like the Imelda Marcos of beauty bags (gifts with purchases…), so I do not need any more of them.

I did get the remaining 4 products, let’s take a closer look!

A scented candle is a great way to set the scene for a nice pamper session, Zoella’s Let’s Glow Candle has a very subtle scent.

Zoella Let 's Glow

Zoella Let’s Glow

It’s floral and a little sweet and for me it could be a little more fragrant.

Zoella - Let's Glow Candle

Zoella – Let’s Glow Candle

Nonetheless, a lovely candle to get you in a relaxed mood. £5,00/€6,50

Now it’s time for that relaxing bath. The Fizz Bar is such a cool and cute product, I think this might be my favorite!

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar: DO NOT EAT

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar: DO NOT EAT

Shaped like a bar of chocolate (uhm, love!), it gives you 8 cubes of lovely fizziness.

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar: DO NOT IT, FOR REAL!

Zoella Beauty: Fizz Bar: DO NOT EAT, FOR REAL!

Take 1 or 2 cubes (1 is enough for me)  and drop them into warm running water to turn your bath into a pool of relaxation. I love the convenience of this packaging, it’s really easy to get exactly the amount you need. No need to waste any fizz! £5,00/€6,50

Soak Opera is the next product to continue the pampering.

Zoella Beauty: Soak Opera

Zoella Beauty: Soak Opera

This bath soak/shower cream is really gentle on the skin and lightly scented. You can pour it under running water or apply it straight to your (damp) skin. £5,00/€6,50 for a huuuuge bottle (490 ml)

To end the Zoella pampering session: Creamy Madly Dreamy, a lovely body lotion.

Zoella Beauty: Creamy Madly Dreamy

Zoella Beauty: Creamy Madly Dreamy

Once again, no overpowering scent here, just a slight hint of floral fragrance that ties in with the other products. I thought this would be a very light lotion, but I was pleasantly surprised by the texture, it’s very moisturising. I love it to finish off my Sunday pampering routine, it’s a thick lotion, very indulgent. £5,00/€6,50

Final thoughts? The packaging is beautiful, the coral just really works. It’s feminine, without being too pink.  The products all smell very nice, without being overpowering, it’s all beautifully subtle. The only product that could be a bit more fragrant in my opinion is the candle. Do we even need to discuss the price? I think not.

These products are lovely gifts, for yourself or for a loved one. They will be flying off the shelves (again) with the holidays coming up (yay Christmas!) and I think anyone would love to receive a little basket of me time.

Well done, Zoe, Queen of Pampering, I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. (Again: lips and hair. Put me on the waitlist.)

Zoella is not the only (British) beauty blogger that has ventured into the retail world.

Tanya Burr has released lip glosses and nail polishes and recently added false eyelashes to her range. Just like beauty bags, I really don’t need any more lip glosses, but I did buy a nail polish which I will tell you about later.  The false lashes weren’t released yet when I was in London, but I am intrigued…

Jane Cunningham (British Beauty Blogger) and Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends) released their products at the exact time I was in London.

The British Beauty Blogger range, which is sold at Marks & Spencer, consists of several sets: nail polish, eye & blush, lips and bronzing. I was interested in the Lip Trio (I adore lip crayons) but didn’t find any. So I didn’t get anything, but the sets looked stunning and again, affordable. And look, there’s a 3 for 2 Christmas deal!

So we’ve had pampering products, lips, nails, lashes, make up sets,… What’s left for Ruth to release, you say?

Dry Shampoo! There are 5 versions of the Colab Dry Shampoo, all with a different scent. All 5 are available in regular (£3,49) and travel (£1,99) sizes which is awesome. I have to say, these are some good-looking dry shampoo bottles, very sleek and stylish.
When I saw these at Superdrug it was our last day in London. I had already bought loads of stuff, including dry shampoo (more info later), everything was neatly packed in my suitcase, so I honestly just couldn’t/wouldn’t buy anything else. They are super cheap, so the price wouldn’t have made much of difference, but honestly, at that point I was just done done done. Next time…

More London drugstore purchases next week, stay tuned!






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