My favourite Blogs ‘n Vlogs

There are thousands of blogs and vlogs out there, about anything you can think of. I thought I’d share some of my favourites and am curious to see what yours are!

I’ll break this down into some categories to avoid a wall of text… Follow the links to find more information about their YouTube, Instagram, etc…


The first category has to be beauty, it’s my favourite subject and there are some amazing beautybloggers working their magic on the internet. Yes, magic, like “enabling” magic. The amount of products I have bought/wishlisted purely based on blogs is ridiculous. I’ll mention some of them as we go along, so let’s get crackin’.

Viviannadoesmakeup is by far, my number one blog which I follow religiously. I love Anna’s writing and we seem to gravitate toward the same kind of products. Once you see that a blogger recommends some of your favourites, you instantly trust any other recommendation they make!

Because of Anna I now own 4 Bourjois Velvet Rouge Editions, as well as 4 Nars Velvet Lip Pencils, Bioderma Micellar Water is part of my daily routine (I also blame It-girl, more about her below) and together with Amelia Liana (again, see below) she is responsible for the Lorac Pro Palettes on my wish list. And no, so far I have not been disappointed by any of these products!
Like most of the blogs I follow, there’s also some room for non-beauty posts, so it ain’t just lipsticks and blushes and I really like that.

I seem to favour British Beauty Bloggers (I do love all things British…), so here are some more: Pixiwoo (eternally grateful for Real Techniques brushes!) Lily Pebbles (Wet Brush is wishlisted because of Lily), A Model RecommendsAmelia Liana (to blame or the Lorac-craziness) and Essiebutton (technically Canadian, but hey, to me, she’s part of the British Bunch). Definitely also check out Essiebuttonvlogs on YouTube for non beauty vlogs with her, Aslan and Reggie. I am loving the Nordic Vlogs and yes, I want to go there and have all the amazing food they had.

The greatest thing about the bloggers mentioned above is the videos they do together, so go and watch all of them. You can thank me later.

I have to give a special shout out to the Skin Care Queen: Caroline Hirons. I’ll keep it short: whatever she recommends, go with it. I’m tweaking my skin care routine little by little and the addition of the Pixi Glow Tonic (soon, I hope!) will be because of Lady Hirons.

Of course I don’t follow British Blogs exclusively, so here are some American and Belgian blogs that show up on my Bloglovin’ feed as well.

The Beauty Look Book and I seem to have similar tastes too, except that she’s the queen of sheer lip products that make me want to put all the bright and bold colours aside (but then I watch Lily and Anna and am torn). YSL Volupté Sheer Candy: I’m coming for you.

The Beauty Department, the place to be for tips from Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine has all things beauty covered (I love Lauren Conrad’s look, and also her beauty book, rhymin’,ha!) but I especially like their hair posts. Why? Kristin Ess. Have you seen Lauren’s hair? And more importantly, have you seen Kristin’s hair? She’s got some serious Little Mermaid locks, no joke. It’s what dreams are made of, there are no words.

Now for some patriotic bloglove: It-girl (especially the skin care posts), Beautyloves and Beautyminded (in English!).


Only 2 mentions here: Gal Meets Glam and Wendy’s Lookbook. These ladies have an amazing sense of style, I love perusing their pictures and even though I would never wear what they wear (so beautifully!) they do inspire me with little ideas.

I’m not a huge fan of fashionblogs, because it’s such a personal thing. It’s all about style and not so much about quality (which beautyblogs are, in my opinion) so I feel these are more inspirational and subjective rather than informative and objective. Nothing wrong with that, of course, just not my cup of tea. But Julia and Wendy? Love…Cali-love.


Ah, food. Can’t live without it, so we might as well make it good. Real good.
Lately, our kitchen hasn’t seen much elaborate cooking action, but the urge to cook and bake probably will return someday, so I need to keep the inspiration coming.

Joy the Baker is an awesome source for all your cooking and baking needs. I get hungry just thinking about the pies, cookies,…

 And last but not least: Cuisine Gantoise: beautiful, healthy food from my hometown!

I know there a lot of very well known bloggers listed here, but I hope you discovered some new ones as well. Please share your favourites in the comments, I’d love to find some new blogs to follow!


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