Zoeva Cosmetics Brushes (and my rose gold obsession)

The world-wide web is filled with love for these brushes, so when I saw one of my absolute favorite beauty shops (Beautyqueen!) started selling these I quickly hopped on the bandwagon to see what the all fuss was about.

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set

Zoeva Cosmetics brushes came to my attention when I saw pictures of their amazing Rose Golden Luxury Set on several blogs. At the moment (well, the moment has been happening for about a year now…) I’m obsessed with all things rose gold. I got this beautiful rose gold Marc by Marc Jacobs watch when I was in New York last year and when Luxedy first launched back in May I bought some cute bracelets and simple yet stunning earrings from Bud to Rose.

Luxedy haul

Luxedy haul – My Instagram

And a little arm candy never hurt anyone, right?

Arm candy: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch - Bud to Rose bracelets

Arm candy: Marc by Marc Jacobs watch & Bud to Rose bracelets – My Instagram

I promise I’ll talk about the brushes soon, but definitely check out Luxedy, they have a great range of jewelry, bags,…

Okay, back to brush business now! I think it’s pretty clear by now that I have my heart set on the Rose Golden Luxury Set, unfortunately this set was not available at the moment. As soon as it is, I’m getting one!

Thankfully it wasn’t just the rose gold look that got everyone talking, but the brushes themselves got great reviews, so I just had to try them.

Beautyqueen sells a huge range of individual brushes and the Classic Brush Set. I got the set, for several reasons:

  1. I’m not looking for a particular brush at the moment, I think I’ve got all my bases covered. However… I am always open to trying new brushes, especially at this very reasonable price (60,00 EUR for the set on the website)
  2. When I’m buying products from a brand that’s new to me, I like buying a set, like a “best of”, that showcases their best products. Once again, the price allows you to get the set without breaking the bank. I can’t imagine what a set like this would cost at MAC…
  3. The clutch. Seriously, the clutch is out of this world. It’s big enough to hold the whole set (this sounds silly, but it’s not always the case) and more. It’s such good quality, it has a little extra compartment inside and it’s bright pink on the inside! The clutch alone would be worth buying. And the brushes that come with it? Nice little bonus, I’d say.
Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set – Clutch

The set consists of the 8 following face and eye brushes:

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set – Face Brushes

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set

Zoeva Cosmetics Classic Brush Set – Eye Brushes

For anyone who is just starting out with make up and feels overwhelmed with the ridiculous amount of brushes that exists in the universe: this is a great set to get started.

I tried the brushes yesterday (all except 125, 128 and 230) and can confirm that these brushes are such good value for money. I actually prefer the 317 (Wing Liner) to my MAC 266. It’s more dense, which seems to work better for me. All these brushes are great, but the biggest surprise to me was the 142 Concealer Buffer. I was a little skeptical at first, because concealer brushes usually aren’t my cup of tea. That’s why I’ve been using sponge applicators. But this brush… it’s quite amazing and I’m now converted.

Believe the hype, these brushes are really good. I hope they wash as easily as my Real Techniques brushes, we’ll just have to see about that later. Have a look at the Zoeva website to discover their whole range (brushes and make up: check out British Beauty Blogger’s post about their lipsticks: gorgeous!), they even have vegan brushes. They have sets for everyone’s needs, and you can always get individual brushes if you’re hesitant to start with a whole set.

I will most definitely purchase more Zoeva brushes (Rose Golden! I know it has some of the same brushes as the set I got, but I don’t care, guys) and recommend these to both seasoned make up fans and those who are just getting started.

I’m very happy that with both Zoeva Cosmetics and Real Techniques there are at least 2 brands out there that are selling amazing yet affordable brushes. They look and feel great without costing a fortune, which can’t be said for all brands…


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