Clarisonic Update

I’ve been using my Clarisonic for a few months now and thought it was a good idea to follow-up on my initial post about it. I was positive about it when I first got it, so how do I feel about it now?

At first I used it daily in my cleansing routine but after a while (about 2 months) my skin started breaking out, badly. Some online reading reassured that this was normal, it’s the skin reacting to all the thorough cleansing, all the dirt is getting out now,… yadda yadda yadda! This lasted too long in my opinion and I put it aside for a while to let my skin relax and resumed my previous skin care and cleansing routine, sans Clarisonic.

I started using it again (weekly now!) a month ago and must say my skin is much more pleased with the weekly approach. No breakouts so far! There are no rules to tell you how many times you should use your Clarisonic, so definitely keep an eye on your skin to see how much Clarisonic action it can take.

When I used it regularly I also charged it regularly (like duh) which wasn’t a hassle, but when you only use it once a week the battery dies out almost weekly as well. I have to recharge it as many times (weekly) as before and I only use it once a week… So yeah, that’s a bit of bummer.

But at least my skin is back to normal now, so I’ll let the charging issues slide. Speaking of skin care, I started using my Chanel Le Jour, La Nuit, Le Weekend samples yesterday and my skin feels so soft right now! I look forward to seeing the results the next few days after further use.



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