6 months… Time to fill up the Wall of Fave

Six months have flown by and the time has come to add the first products to my Wall of Fave. What products are worthy of this incredible honor?

When it comes to mascaras there is no competition: Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real! 
This mascara is a miracle worker, all other mascaras faded into obscurity (as in, the back of the drawer) the moment this one came into my life and into my daily routine. Separated, full, long lashes for that much desired natural look: it’s all I need from a mascara!
So yes, this is the first product to go on my Wall and I think, mascara wise, it might be the first, last, my everything!

Another product I was really impressed with was the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, not a particular shade but the whole range of shades . As I said in the original post, these are “gateway” lip products: great for people who want to start playing with bold and bright lip colors but don’t want to spend a fortune. As much as I love my Tom Ford lipstick, let’s be real here, they’re not the lipsticks you want to buy for first time experimenting with make up.
Disclaimer: use of this product may result into the purchase of more expensive lip products in the long run. But let’s not worry about that right now and enjoy the pretty colors!

The last addition to the Wall of Fave (for now) has to be By Terry Baume de Rose. This lip balm is all your lips could wish for and more, it hydrates them and gives you that soft pout we all want.
Use the money you saved by buying Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet instead of a high end lipstick and splurge on By Terry Baume de Rose!


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