Tom Ford Lipstick

The fourth installment of lip-product-posts, after lip care, Chanel and BourjoisTom Ford Lipstick… The holy grail of lipsticks? You would think so after reading all the raving reviews about it. Most people seem to love them, the price seems to be the only downside. My curiosity won over my rationality (no contest, to be honest) and I bought one. Does it live up to the hype?


Let’s start with the facts. I bought my Tom Ford Lipstick at Parfuma in Antwerp. Tom Ford Lipstick and Nailpolishes are sold exclusively here in Belgium. We’re not even talking about the other beauty products… Deprived much?! ( I must admit my wallet is not complaining.) However, the good news is… Parfuma has an amazing online store!

The colours are all stunning, and choosing one is a difficult task. Why choose just one, you say? Because at 45,00 € they don’t come cheap. And there you have fact number 2, the dreaded price.
But let’s forget about that for now and get back to the fun part… Choosing a luscious lipstick shade!

I made it easier for myself and decided that, to somewhat justify the price, I would buy something that doesn’t resemble any lipstick I already have.
In my case that meant no bright red, bright pink or coral. This already ruled out True Coral which popped out immediately. Such a gorgeous shade! But no, not for me…

I wanted a deep red, maybe burgundy, which wouldn’t make me look too pale (this concern comes back everytime I buy a lipstick…). Crimson Noir and Bruised Plum both fit that description. Crimson Noir had too much brown undertones for me and that is how Bruised Plum came into my precious possession…


The color is absolutely ravishing, I can’t say it stays put longer than other lipsticks I’ve tried… I think it’s quite straightforward, if you’re simply looking for a nice lipstick there are plenty of other (more budget friendly!) options out there. However, if you’re into make up and want to treat yourself by adding a special product to your collection this is definitely a great option for that.

This is a luxury lipstick in my opinion, not an “I’ll just throw something on quickly before running out the door”-lipstick.

By the way, how awesome are those swatches on the Tom Ford website?!


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