Designer Shoes Made to Order

If you could design your dream shoe, what would it look like?

When it comes to sneakers there are plenty of brands that offer custom designs like Converse, Adidas,…
But to be able to customize your high-end designer shoes, that’s a recent trend.

Salvatore Ferragamo launched the customization of his classic Vara and its “flat little sister” Varina last year. You can play with colours, initials, materials… Which is all cute and fun, but my favorite customizable feature is width! I know a lot of people struggle with the width of their feet when looking for pretty shoes so this is a major bonus!

Last week Jimmy Choo announced their Made to Order-service for several of their┬ádesigns, my favorites being Anouk and Lance. However, unlike Salvatore Ferragamo customization, the service is not offered online but for now only in their Sloane Street store in London. Check out the Harper’s Bazaar feature for more info and pretty pics!

I love the idea of “building” your perfect shoe. Especially if you love a certain shoe like Jimmy Choo Anouk, you can always buy your perfect pump, even if it’s not en vogue! Not everybody loves seasonal trendy colours all the time, this way you can invest in a pair of designer shoes knowing they’re just the right fit for your. No regrets!

Now I just need to win the lottery…

Update 05/29/2014: This was just posted on the Jimmy Choo Facebook page:

Update 2 06/03/2014:


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