Merry Christmas to me: Clarisonic Plus

Two weeks ago I bought myself an early Christmas present… The Clarisonic Plus! This is the Clarisonic for both face and body. It comes with 2 brush heads (Sensitive for the face and the Body Brush Head), 2 samples (Cleanser and Body Cleanser) and of course a charger. So what exactly does it do and how is working out for me?

According to Clarisonic their devices cleanse the skin 6 times better than cleansing the good old-fashioned way, resulting in softer looking, radiant, glowing skin. Sounds good, right?!

The device is very easy to use, it features a timer that beeps and pulses when you should switch to a different part of your face. The default time is 1 minute (20 seconds on forehead + 20 seconds on nose and chin + 10 seconds on each cheek). However, it can be adjusted to 2 minutes (just double the previously stated times), which I did, because I like to cleanse thoroughly. If you don’t need any alerts to tell you to move to another part of your face, you can also choose 2 minutes without any beeps or pulsing.
When using the Body Brush, there’s a default 3 minutes of use, no beeping or pulsing either.

Personally, when wearing foundation and the whole shebang, I do also cleanse like I would have before. But after using my cleansing milk I use my Clarisonic plus, and then I follow-up with my toner. As I said, I’ve been using it for about 10 days, so this routine might change. If you just cleanse with your Clarisonic, the brush could discolor, but this should have no effect on the use of the brush.
The Body Brush hasn’t been used as much, all I can say is this does seem to drain the battery quite a bit.

As for results I can say that my skin does feel softer. My skin did break out a bit, which is normal according to Clarisonic, because of the deeper cleansing that brings out all kinds of nastiness. Nothing traumatic though!
I notice the most difference when I’m wearing make up, it seems my foundation looks more natural and dewy now.

On the Clarisonic website you’ll see there’s a whole range of devices and products, suitable for all sorts of different needs.

I bought mine at Ici Paris XL where it retails for 225,00 EUR.  Ici Paris XL doesn’t offer the whole range, but as you can see on their website they sell the Clarisonic Plus, Clarisonic Mia 2 (in several colors, for those who like some color in their bathroom!) and several brush heads.
It’s recommended you use a brush head for 3 months and then get a new one, so I might try the Deep Pores Brush Head next.

Although these devices aren’t cheap (if you want to use it for your face only you can buy the Clarisonic Mia 2 for 149,00 EUR, which isn’t that bad) I do feel like it’s worth it. It seems to be making the products I already used (moisturizer, foundation) more effective.

So I’m giving my Clarisonic Plus the thumbs up.

P.S.: Did you see the Pedi set? That looks awesome… I hope Ici Paris XL sells these in time for summertime feet!


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