Let the bloggin’ begin!

As if the internet needs another blog, let alone a beauty blog… I know, I know!
I’m gonna give this blog a go anyway and have some fun with it, why not?

What will I blog about? At this moment, I’m thinking primarily make up and skin care. But only time can tell what will end up on this blog. Considering I also love travelling, food, music, movies,… I’ m sure these subjects will also come up on my blog one way or another.
I don’t plan on doing any videos or tutorials. However, I will definitely share my favorite websites for (video) tutorials. I’m going to focus on reviewing products and we’ll see how that goes!

There are already plenty of blogs like this out there, and some of them are pretty awesome, I’m very aware of that. But I do feel like giving this a try, so… To be continued!


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